TAITU San Marco Intermezzo 64-pc Italian Dinnerware Set

Matte and glossy, muted green, rich red, black and a touch of gold, all in this 1984-85 Italian designer collection which was meant to be mix-and-matched in four color/pattern combinations.
The possibilities are endless.
Perfect for chic modern entertaining. Great for Holidays and beyond.
Excellent quality fine porcelain. Large and well-proportioned.
Patterns: “San Marco” is mostly one color, with 2nd color folds at edges.
“Intermezzo” is 2 colors split.
“Uno” is solid color.
The mix-and-match set includes:
– 20 Extra large plates / Chargers (12 1/4″): 8 Intermezzo Black-Green, 8 Intermezzo Black-Red, 1 San Marco Black-Red, 3 San Marco Black-Gold
– 10 Large Plates / Dinner: 6 Intermezzo Black-Green, 4 Uno Red
– 14 Medium Plates / Lunch / Dessert : 3 Intermezzo Black-Green, 1 Intermezzo Black-Red, 8 San Marco Black-Red, 2 San Marco Black-Gold
– 10 Espresso Demitasse Saucer: All San Marco Black-Gold
– 10 Espresso Demitasse: All San Marco Black-Gold
Also included for free (if interested): one Duetto red dinner plate with green rim plus few others in the same set – detail upon request.
Condition: Some with cutlery marks and scratches. Some are pristine.
Legend: These mix-and-match pieces were handpicked one by one from Bloomingdale’s NYC in the mid-1980s for one intimate dinner party in a UES townhouse. The dinner was a success, and the set was packed up and the box never reopened until now.
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