Aqua Silk Rose Crepe


Find an array of exclusive, exciting and luxurious designer silk fabrics in prints and solids for immediate shipping out of Boston area.


Artwork: Original watercolor long-stem rose print is handprinted and designed in France.
Content: 100% long filament, best quality mulberry silk yarn weaved into luxurious Double Crepe Georgette.
Country of production: Screen printed by hand in South Korea (for superior print quality)
Location: Stocked in Boston region warehouse. Ready to cut and ship within 48 hours.
Usage: Fashion & Interior Decoration

This item is a part of collaboration between SELECTION COSTE and SAKURA SILKS & KIMONOS. We will present over 50 variations

44″ wide. Large print repeat.

Approximately 60 yards available. Inventory can change daily, so please inquire prior for purchase over 10 yards.

5″ X 5″ sample available @ $15- which will be deductible for order over 1 yard.
Minimum order is 1 yard. Quality discount available over 10 yards.

Crepe Georgette has a full-bodied yet subtly grainy touch and offers more resilience and opaqueness than chiffon/moussline. Our Double Crepe Georgette is made from long filament 100% cultivated silkworm yarn and printed exclusively in S. Korea..
By the way, Georgette is named after the fashionable Parisian milliner Georgette de la Plante, whose father is regarded as the inventor of this magically playful fabric.



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